Diabetes, what you don't know you don't know

One of my favorite plant based doctors is Dr. Michael Greger. He runs the site NutritionFacts.org and is one of the go to Guru's to follow when you are going whole food plant based. What's the difference between vegan and WFPB?

A whole food plant based diet consists of minimally processed plants, legumes, nuts, seeds, and whatever else isn't an animal (and is edible). A vegan diet can include things like fake cheese and fake meats, pizzas and nuggets, fries and chips, cakes and cookies... you get the drill.

If you are looking for great information, go to Dr. Greger. He is the author of the How Not to Die Cookbook (not sponsored, yet??) and is one of the key figures in many documentaries, including Netflix's What the Health, the documentary that started me on my journey.

As he describes in his posts and articles, things like diabetes II can be reversed when you have the correct knowledge. Did you think it was caused from eating too much sugar? Drinking too much soda? Sure, that can help lead to a fatty liver and increased waistline. But what actually leads to insulin resistance? Saturated fats from animal proteins. So if you have type II, the best thing you can do to reverse the damage done is to switch what goes into your body.

Check out this recent post from Dr. Greger


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