Trader Joe's Dill Pickle Falafel

I have been lamenting over the abrupt falafel change at Trader Joe's a few years ago. They went from that burgundy and gold bag of incredible falafel goodness to the new white bag of dry, spongy pucks of chickpea. I'm not a fan, can you tell? So I was skeptical when I saw these:

OMG folks, we have a new addiction, er, WINNER! I'm a big lover of dill pickles and things flavored like them. So I was pretty sure I might like these... I popped about 8 too few in the air fryer and let it rip at 400 degrees for 7 minutes with a mid-fry shake. Done. No dip, do distractions. I wanted to enjoy or hate these on their own merit. Will they be dry like their mediocre larger siblings in the freezer section?

Wow, totally cooked up beautifully and tasted fantastic. I would love more dill pickle flavor, but I can also totally appreciate the subtleness. This would be a fantastic appetizer or snack, perhaps with some vegan tzatziki.

Not in focus, and not totally dry! Love the texture and flavor, great job Trader Joe's! Or whomever actually makes this stuff...


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